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The ” Soccer football rules ”, officially called “The Laws of the Game” are not simple and can be difficult to understand. The official FIFA rules (soccer rules / football rules) have 17 sections. We tried to present all the rules in simple and easy to understand language.

We covered many topics related to soccer football like soccer football rules, history of soccer football, history of changes in soccer football rules, list of past FIFA world cup winners, some interesting football facts etc.

Topics covered in Soccer Football Rules .Com

Soccer Football – World’s Favorite Sport

Soccer or Football as it is called requires a lot of physical movement, requires the most creativity, overall skill, agility and total athletic ability more than any other sport by far.

Most number of spectators compared to any other sport around the world

Togetherness of your country, togetherness for the sport and togetherness of your fellow man. Soccer is more powerful than a sport.

Soccer is the most democratic sport on earth. Everyone on the playing field is equal. Everyone gets to touch the ball. Everyone can score, at any given time.

Intense moments at every point of time – Unlike some sports like cricket (no offense to cricket fans) where you take turns for innings and the play is predictable, a soccer game can be more intense as any player can take possession of the ball and a goal can be scored at any point in time.

Length of the game  - The best part of the game is its length. Soccer games usually tend to be little over 90 mins and hence can be watched with a movie’s time with just more fun and excitement.

Soccer is good for the economy of a Country – Due to popularity of soccer, it creates many employment opportunities for lot of people. Examples include grounds keepers, therapists, coaches, referees, officials, announcers, players, agents and many many more.